George Verberg Stipendium 2019

On January 23, 2020 I won the George Verberg Grant 2019.

With the grant, I will be able to study the mysterious world of living flying insects. For the project, I will visit 63 places in Germany where for 27 years scientific research was done to measure biomass. The study showed that the decline in flying insects is more than 75% in these 27 years. For the study, the life of the flying insects had to be stopped. I want to find out what their living, moving world is like. I’m going to find ways to understand their dynamic movements as a human. For that, I will translate their movements physically (with dancers), in relation to space (with projection and light/shadow movements) and as notations (drawings, visual language).

The end result will be shown in Groningen in January 2021.

Photo: Henk Tammens

Linde ExGeorge Verberg Stipendium 2019