With the leftover material from every project I try to make a series of tiles, with a maximum of 120 tiles per series. 20 tiles I keep myself for the future, but 100 tiles per project can be bought. For me, it is a way to materialize an element of a project for the future. Let me know if you are interested.


For the ongoing project Foundlings, I make snapshots of flying insects landing on me or in my surroundings. Prints of the project can be ordered, printed on high quality photopaper. Standard size is 13×19 cm per print, if you are interested in other sizes, let me know.



For several projects, I experiment with natural pigments. Sometimes this results in an ink that is reasonably light resistant and interesting. Like the ink made for the project Flux – Tracing the fluctuation. Contact me about the possibilities.


Sometimes in speare time in between projects, works are made, like prints and handwritten poems. Check what is available now…