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Members of the Ploeg started painting directly in the landscape in 1918. For this project, I used that as my starting point. I took “samples” of the Groninger landscape and made inks of algae and water plants from 7 specific places in the province of Groningen as a kind of cross-section of the province. For the festival, I built an interactive (sound) installation where visitors could move a conveyor belt that moved a piece of fabric under the bottles with the inks. The inks dripped a pattern on the cloth and sound was triggered. This way, the visitors made their own “story” from the landscape in colour and sound. The installation acts as an intermediate between landscape and public.

Collaboration with Lucia Gregov; musician
Input from Christophe Brochard; biologist

Showed at Shaky Grounds Festival, Groningen

Linde ExConfessions of a quiet landscape