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For the residency Flux at Bierumerschool, I was asked to work in the region Eems / Dollard in Groningen. The sea and the tides are controlled by dykes, piers and all kinds of activities like silt clearance. The piers are a strong, man-made, visual intervention in the landscape, where the washing ashore is altered. The rhythm and movement of the constant coming ashore of the waves create graphs; lines that tell stories. They are created by memories of far places, circumstances that created the swell. They were altered by the weather, the tides, the geographical circumstances. And then the artist came and tried to understand the rhythm by tracing the rhythm, which altered the rhythm once more.
The project consists of:
– video performances where I trace with pencil 1-minute video loops of two sides of a pier
– a book with 60 tracings of film stills with seaweed ink of a pier
– a set of words on small cards describing all of the parameters that could be of influence for the end result
– an audio track of a spoken poem in Dutch.

Showed in January 2020 at de Bierumer School

Linde ExFlux – Tracing the fluctuation